Football Field Illlumination
Turnkey Solution

TGS Sports provides poles, brackets, pre-aiming, and accessories, reducing time and installation costs.

Visual Comfort
Wireless Controls
Funding & Financing
UHD Broadcast Quality
Expert Design Assistance


LED Turnkey Solution
Turnkey Solution

TGS Sports provides poles, brackets, pre-aiming, pre-wiring, and accessories, reducing time and installation costs.

LED Visual Comfort
Visual Comfort

High tech PCB optics in a variety of NEMA beam patterns puts light where it's needed
without glare or player/spectator discomfort.

Sports Radiant Wireless Mesh Network
Wireless Controls

Powered by SYNAPSE wireless & DMX compatible. Monitor and schedule your lighting system through a smartphone or tablet. Allows you to control lighting behaviors in multiple zones, offline or cloud-connected.

LED Sports Lights Financing Options
Funding & Financing

Funding and financing options are available for your project through rebates from state programs, Energy Savings Performance Contracts with our ESCO partners and low-interest rate financing.

Sports Lighting Broadcast Definition
UHD Broadcast Quality

Luminaires provide accurate and vivid color reproduction in 4k and 8k Ultra High Definition, exceeding national broadcast standards.

Sports field layout design
Expert Design Assistance

Our design engineers will provide a complimentary point by point layout, an accurate representation of fixture placement and light uniformity on the field.

Turnkey Solution
Visual Comfort
Wireless Controls
Finance Options
Sports Lighting Broadcast Definition
Broadcast Quality
Complimentary Layout

Game-changing Performance & Reliability

TGS Sports will suggest the best solution for any type of field utilizing our reliable and superior fixtures. Customization and accommodation is our priority; we provide design assistance, have preassembled options and offer funding support. Applications are matched with a best suited TGS Sports luminaire ensuring a comfortable, low-glare and broadcast quality experience for players and spectators.

Triton™ G2

Ideal Illumination for almost all sporting venues

Multiple beam patterns and lumen packages offer a high degree of customization for indoor or outdoor venues, illuminating all the action in high-CRI, that meets all HDTV broadcasting standards


Optimum Choice for
Indoor Facilities

Delivers the highest lumen output performance
and quality illumination. It improves gym facility
safety, productivity, reduces operating costs,
and is low maintenance


Outdoor Sports Light

ALP™ G2 LED All-Sports Luminaire series offers professional grade illumination for all levels of sporting venues and other demanding outdoor areas. The ALP™ G2 features a high system efficacy of up to 160 LpW, has multiple lighting control and lighting distributions available.


Top Performer for
Swimming Pools

The H2OHB™ LED SERIES circular high bay is a durable, heavy-duty construction. It is a high performance and efficient LED fixture that provides a robust solution for high ceiling applications, especially natatoriums

Nova Sports Light

Nova™ G2

Professional grade illumination
for all levels of sporting venues

The latest SAMSUNG® LED chip-sets provide industry-leading performance of over 140 lumens per watt and indirect lighting technology eliminates glare while providing precise NEMA beam patterns that meet all levels of sporting illumination standards

Nova Sports Light


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