Sports Lighting for Hockey Rinks

Indoor sporting venues such as ice rinks require optimum lighting levels and coverage sufficient for hockey players and spectators. In order to have clear focus of the hockey puck as well as a uniform field of vision. The SportHB™ allows players to have ultimate illumination for an uninterrupted game. Optional distribution reflects allow viewers in the bleachers to follow the game without glare and have visual comfort for the ultimate fan experience. Wireless controls and complimentary layouts are available and recommended to control energy usage and maximize luminaire foot candle coverage to reduce unnecessary expenditure.

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    SportHB Circular High Bay
    • SportHB™

      The SportHB™ High Power LED SERIES circular high bay is a cold-forged highly durable construction. It is a high lumen output and efficient LED fixture that provides a robust solution for high ceiling applications. SportHB™  delivers the highest lumen output performance and quality lllumination. It improves gymnasium safety and productivity, lower maintenance cost, and reducing operating costs.

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