Sports Lighting for Baseball Fields

Outdoor baseball fields need to keep in mind environmental factors such as neighborhood disruption limits and efficient use of lighting throughout the night. Players require optimum lighting levels and coverage sufficient in order to have clear focus of the baseball as well as a uniform field of vision. The Triton™ G2 allows players to have a precise aimed, full-coverage, high power illuminated baseball field or stadium. An optional visor accessory is available for controlled illumination and elimination of glare for broadcast quality, minimal community disruption, and spectator visual comfort. Wireless controls and complimentary layouts are available and recommended to control energy usage and maximize luminaire foot candle coverage to reduce unnecessary expenditure.

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    • Triton™ G2

      TRITON™ G2 LED luminaires are purpose built and designed for the ideal illumination of almost any sporting venue. Multiple beam patterns and lumen packages offer a high degree of customization for indoor or outdoor venues, illuminating all the action in high-CRI, that meets all HDTV broadcasting standards. Cutting edge thermal management technology with 1070 cold-forged aluminum heat sinks ensures low operating temperatures and extremely long life

    • Nova G2™

      NOVA™ G2 LED All-Sports Luminaire series offers professional grade illumination for all levels of sporting venues and other demanding outdoor areas. The latest SAMSUNG® LED chipsets provide industry-leading performance of over 140 lumens per watt and indirect lighting technology eliminates glare while providing precise NEMA beam patterns that meet all levels of sporting illumination standards. Multiple chipset packages with 70, 80 or 90 CRI meet HD/UHD broadcasting standards, and improve light quality for spectators and players. Elongated visors with field-adjustable tilt mechanisms ensure minimal light trespass to surrounding areas. 

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